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VIP discount?

Create an account on our website to become a Very Important smarty Pants - or VIP - and shop with Vip discounts!

VIPs earn smarty points for various promotions and can redeem them for discounts. Every 500 smarty points are worth €5.

Below is an overview of the different actions and how many points they are worth.

Make a purchase 5 smarty points/euro
Create an account 200 smarty points
Subscribe to the newsletter 150 smarty points + 10% discount
Visit our webshop 25 smarty points/week (requires login)
Celebrate your birthday 200 smarty points
Invite a friend 750 smarty points for you + 15% discount for your friend (from €50)
Write a review 100 smarty points
Add a photo to your review 100 smarty points


How do I exchange my points for discounts?

Press the purple VIP discount button (on desktop) or purple gift button (on mobile) at the bottom right to log in and view your point count or exchange it for a discount code.

Happy Nerdy Shopping!