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Whisky glass "the chemistry of whiskey"


This glass is for scotch enthusiasts, bourbon lovers, chemists and science nerds, and anyone who knows that a great whiskey is more than just ethanol. Celebrate the molecules at work behind the unique qualities and flavors of your favorite drink. Molecules such as furfural, which imparts an almond and caramel flavor characteristic of single malts - or scopoletin, which imparts a sweet aroma derived from oak barrels. This glass contains a selection of annotated molecules commonly found in different types of whiskey.

Available with a white imprint or gold foil imprint. Dishwasher safe.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Top gift!

    Nice glass of good quality. A bit large and firm to drink whiskey out of, but definitely recommended!

    Anke S.
    Finally an appropriate gift!

    As a true nerd in the natural sciences + bon vivant, this was the perfect gift for our son's godfather. Both qualitative and cool!

    Original gift

    Very nice thought and great to give as a gift to a whiskey lover!

    Really great!

    I immediately bought the 3 sets of beer wine and wiskey when they came in and they are really great! I have the impression that everything just tastes better when you know what's in them! :D The glass is thick and drinks easily and they also have reasonable volume, I think they are going to last a long time and will be used a lot! You should also have absolutely no fear that they will arrive broken because I have never seen such good !ecological! packaging, absolutely great all around!
    Let it taste great! ;)